Zoi Efstathiou was born in Greece. Since 2016 she has collaborated with the worldly renowned choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker as a repertory dancer in Belgium.

Between 2013 and 2016 she performed in Michèle Noiret’s production “Hors – Champ”. Between 2010 and 2015 she collaborated with choreographer Dominique Duszynski in the productions «Sous Les Ponts» (2010), «Sotto Voces» (2011), «Walkabout» (2014) and together they created the duet «Riff» (2012-2015), which they performed in France, Belgium and Brazil.

Meanwhile, Zoi created and performed her own productions «Mr Gingerbread Man» (2012/2018), «9 NiNe» (2014), «Chapter I» (2015), «(-)US» (2019), «We Find Each Other in the Plenum » (2018) in Belgium, Greece and Austria.

In 2021, Zoi collaborated with Jacob Jonas The Company in Los Angeles, where she created the original choreography ‘Gathering’. The piece is part of a short film that was produced and premiered on Films.Dance, one of the most ambitious international dance film projects ever undertaken. there were 300 artists from 55 cities in 25 countries who participated in this project during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her dance duet `We Find Each Other in the Plenum` has been selected to be presented in the Rotterdam International Duet Choreographic Competition where it was one of the finalists and after an online voting the piece was first in audience’s preference.

Zoi Efstathiou created the solo-work “This is a good performance” in 2023 in a 2-months residency at Flux Laboratory of Athens in Greece. The piece was made in a collaboration with Dr. of Experimental Psychology Argiro Vatakis.

Zoi is also a Psychologist (BA).

2016 – Present  Repertory Dancer, Rosas Dance Company, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Brussels (Belgium)


2010 – Present  Dancer / Co-creator, Dominique Duszynski, Brussels/Liege (Belgium)


Performed the pieces:

  • “Sous Les Pants” (2010)
  • “Sotto Voces” (2011)
  • “Walkabout” (2014)
  • Created and Performed the duet “RIFF” (2012 – 2015)


2013 – 2015  Dancer, Dance Company “Michèle Noiret”, Brussels (Belgium)


2015 – 2016  Dancer, Bud Blumenthal, Brussels (Belgium)


2011 – 2012  Dancer, Mafalda Deville, Porto (Portugal)


2010 – Present  Choreographer 


Created and Presented her own work in progress

  • “Mr Gingerbread Man” ( Preview in Buhnenwerkstatt Festival in Graz and Belgian Premiere in Volksroom Studio on 12/11/12)
  • “9 NiNe”
  • “CHAPTER I” (2014-2015)
  • “(-)US” Athens (2019)
  • “We find each other in the plenum” Athens (2019)


2010  Dancer, Maria Anthymidou, Athens (Greece)

Performed for the opening ceremony of the Festival “Life Awards” in the Concert Hall of Athens


2009 – 2010  Dancer, Athanasia Kanellopoulou, Athens (Greece)


Created and Performed the piece “The Revenge Of Giselle”


Education & Training


2007 – 2010  Dancer-Choreographer-Teacher of ballet and Contemporary dance (BA), Niki Kontaxaki Bakali Private Professional School of Dance, Athens (Greece)


Dance – Classical Ballet (RAD) – Improvisation – Contemporary Dance – Choreography – Classical Ballet And Contemporary Dance Theory – Anatomy – Music – Eurythmy


  • Recipient of a Scholarship for the three years Professional Studies 
  • ADVANCED II (Royal Academy Of Dance)


2009 – 2013  P.A.R.T.S. Summer School & ImpulsTanz Festival


  • Nordine Benchorf ‘& Beniamin Boar (ROSAS) – “DIE GROSSE FUGUE”
  • Marta Coronado (ROSAS) – Roberto Olivan – “DRUMMING”
  • Samantha Van Wissen (ROSAS) – “ROSAS DANST ROSAS”

Julyen Hamilton, Thierry Smits, David Zambrano,

Mafalda Deville, lñaki Aspillaga (Ultima Vez),

Marielle Morales, Les Slovaks, Saju Here (Akram Khan), Rasmus Olme, German Jauregui, Ted

Stoffer, Jozsef Csaba Hajser, Kenji Takagi (Pina Bausch)


2007  Panteion University – Psychology (BA), Athens (Greece)

cover photo by Melina Boukouvala


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