Sep 16 - 30 2018


“Mr Gingerbread Man” is a dance piece which has been created in Portugal.

It is based on the English fairytale about an old couple who decided as they couldn’t have any children; to bake one in a shape of a child with ginger dough and cinnamon. That cookie, once it was baked it got alive and it escaped. Allegorically, i was inspired by this fairytale to research deeply a woman’s life.

The project consists of three parts which symbolise three different phases in a woman’s life. The latest version has been presented in Athens as a site-specific dance piece

Idea/Choreography: Zoi Efstathiou

Interpretation: Zoi Efstathiou

Music: 2Moro or 2Day by Aka Moon, Album: NOW and Soudain, Je Fus Envahi D’une Dévotion Profonde by Fabian Fiorini

Photo credits: Ypatia Kornarou

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