Jun 24 - 26 2021


Plenum is the opposite of vacuum. And the work “We find each other in the Plenum” speaks of the “plenum” of each and every one of us. Two independent women move within a shared context, in which a pole of attraction develops between them. Their connection and the interaction between their inner worlds leads them to a transition. A transition which, however, retains their original condition: togetherness within the plenum. The work talks about sharing experiences in a world of solitude. It is a coming together in the study of human relationships beneath the surface, the relationships within. Unique relationships that are difficult to balance, deeply rooted in the individual identity of each party involved.
The work “We find each other in the Plenum” is about a journey, the path of two women who go through three different states. The transition from one state to the next determines the smooth outcome. In the first part of the piece, the dancers move in complete harmony and synchronization, and yet every little shift constitutes a link that allows the piece to move forward. The frequent but subtle directional changes serve to continuously create a new space and a different point of view. The transition from one part of the piece to the next also reflects the need for the relationship between the two, their interaction, the importance of the existence of the “other”.
The work “We find each other in the Plenum” has been presented at the Festival of Young Choreographers at the Theatre Train at Rouf, Our Festival at Theatro Rematias and the RIDCC in Rotterdam.

Idea/Concept: Zoi Efstathiou
Performers: Zoi Efstathiou, Sofia Martiou
Music: Fabian Fiorini and Athina Routsi (“Echoes of a Distance”), Claudia Matola Rhodes, Alkistis Raftopoulou
Sound Recording: Fotis Mylonas
Costumes: Ellada Damianou
Special thanks to: Kinitiras Artistic Network for Performing Arts

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