9 NiNe

About This Project

A reverse dialogue turns into “a magic game”, lost in the cycle of a woman’s life. A certain number of movements and sounds are repeated and mixed with different elements each time. A path that walks forward and backward at different times and durations.

The interaction of a dancer and a pianist demonstrates (or responds to) different levels of evolution in a woman’s character. 9 chapters in her life, 9 emotions, 9 movements are present every moment.

A game of confidence, challenge, discovery and sexuality lead to a mixture of reality and fantasy. 9 NiNe was first presented in Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens, Greece in 2015.

Idea/Choreography: Zoi Efstathiou

Composition/Live Piano: Aris Valeris

Interpretation: Zoi Efstathiou, Aris Valeris

Photo credits: Maria L. Hernandez


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