This is a good performance

About This Project

In the project “This Is A Good Performance”, choreographer/dancer Zoi Efstathiou collaborates with the Assistant Professor of Cognitive & Experimental Psychology at Panteion University, Argiro Vatakis, in an effort to answer the question: “What defines a good performance?” The creators aim to explore how persistent movement patterns can compose a performance and, at the same time, how this composition can affect the perception of time and other cognitive and emotional states of the viewer.

The performance was created during the choreographer’s two-month artistic residency at Flux Laboratory of Athens. Within this context, the “Multidisciplinary Dance” research group, followed the creative process and designed an experimental project that studied the factors that contributed to the creation and selection of performance conditions. In addition, it studied the perception of the passage of time for the viewer while watching the performance.

The choreographic work was presented to the public on June 9, 10, 16 & 17, 2023 at BIOS Exploring Urban Culture, thus marking the beginning of exploring a new field of Dance Science by the choreographer.


Concept/choreography/performance: Zoi Efstathiou

Scientific Advisor: Argyro Vatakis
Scientific group: Multidisciplinary Dance
Assistant Choreographer: Maria Anthymidou

Original Music: Constantine Skourlis

Lighting: Panagiotis Tomaras
Poster photographer: Yiannis Rousounelos
Performance Photographer: Melina Boukouvala/Melpo Productions
Production: ANEMA Dance Company
Special thanks to AKTINA Professional Dance School.

With the support of Flux Laboratory Athens.


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